Welcome to EXCELTEK the official website!

Welcome to EXCELTEK the official website!


Consumer Communication Cable Assembly & Antenna

Network Cable Assembly, RF & Wireless Antenna

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Medical / Industrial Cable Assembly

Includes : Industry & Medical Equipment Cable Assembly, Medical Diagnosis Cable Assembly

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Automobile / EV Cable Assembly

Includes: Car and New Energy Vehicle Cable Assembly

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Electronic Module Assembly

EMS products

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We provide complete solution and services to our customers Worldwide.
Short product delivery lead-time with just-in-time, customer consign material management and efficient Enterprise Resources Planning.
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More than 10 technologies from the United States
More than 40 patents
We have tested the products over 1,000,000 times
More than 1,000 partners
25 years of development and production experience

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Exceltek Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd. is dedicated to the production of power and signal harnesses for the assembly industry, medical industry, EV cables, etc. As well as the production of consumer communication harnesses and antenna products.

We value our relationship with our customers and thrive to provide them with the best industry solutions for wire harness products. We do this by understanding the uniqueness of each customer's business and products, research and promote product optimization with customers, saving costs, supply chain efficiency and shortening delivery lead-time to help customers keep abreast in the current competitive market.

Our customer base covers the end markets of the Energy Industry, Medical Equipment Industry, Renewable Energy Industry, and the Wireless and Communications Industries.

We implement a high quality, quasi-delivery policy and have received multiple quality certifications:

· IATF16949:2016

·  ISO13485:2016

· ISO9001:2015

· ISO14001:2015

· TUV, UL, FCC, CE, VDE, IPC, etc.

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  • Electric vehicle charging cable

    Electric vehicle charging cable


    Advantages: This product is carefully selected a variety of electric vehicles, specialty materials, quality clearance, long service life,
    affordable, has been able to trusted customers.

  • How to choose the right home solar photovoltaic harness power generation plant

    How to choose the right home solar photovoltaic harness power generation plant


    As solar power is slowly gaining popularity in the market, more and more investors are preparing to join solar power generation
    equipment. So where is the home solar power plant? Wuxi Momo electronic volt solar manufacturers carried out the following summary:
    There are many solar power plants in the market, and different manufacturers have different characteristic. While choosing a manufacturer, you should consider a variety of factors to ensure your own profit.

  • Wiring Connector Manufacturers Briefly on Connector Gold Plating Indicators

    Wiring Connector Manufacturers Briefly on Connector Gold Plating Indicators


    Connectors are a component that our electronic engineering technicians often come into contact with. Its role is very simple: in the circuit is blocked or isolated between the circuit, set up a bridge of communication, so that the current flows, so that the circuit achieves the inte-nded function, the details determine the success or failure, the quality of the gold plating layer of the connector is seriously affected With the quality of the connector, recently, the AMP2.0wafer harness connector manufacturer gave us an analysis of the "key indicators of the quality of the gold-plated connector."

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